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In a time when many dental surgeries operates, we are claiming a place in the field, in order to treat your dental needs with full responsibility. We recognize the importance of oral function both as chewing as well as express and appearance but also as good physical health. Driven all this, we decided to open a dental clinic. We understand very well the anxiety and sometimes the fear caused by dentist's chair, but we also know the cause of the problems and the way to handle them. We have 30 years of experience in the psychology of dental patients. We approach them in a holistic way, so the patient can understand the reason of his problem and be healed.

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STORIES OF TEETH Another approach

A magical journey in people's teeth in decoding and what is useful to man beyond the chewing of food. The ancient traditions interpretations of other cultures and their alternative approach helps us understand certain aspects of ourselves that under other circumstances is difficult to understand. A synthesis of science and philosophy. Why fear the dentist? Is the wheel and the injection or something hidden that we do not understand?

Athanasios Efthymiou

Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon Dentist

Head dentist with 30 years of experience in Greece and Italy, offers comprehensive dental services