Reconstructive Dentistry

Restorative dentistry relates to the most conservative treatment approach one or more teeth with a view to maintaining the dental barrier (Responding grinding – Tightening cams [Vrygmos- bruxism]) and / or further preparing them for the reception of a more extensive prosthetic (Dental implants, dentures).
Dental Smile Clinic Dentist in Bulgaria performs all treatments (Dental Implants, Artifisial Dentures)  for the effective restoration of teeth.

Our Dental Clinic is based in Bulgaria, headed by the Greek dentist Dr. Athanasios Efthimiou, with 30 years of experience in Greece and Italy, offers complete dental services using exclusively high quality certified materials and products.
Doctor Athanasios Efthimiou has been working with tooth implants for over 25 years and follows protocols of placement painlessly with the minimal discomfort of patients.
The application of dental implants is aiming at replacing eroded teeth or teeth that have fallen.

All dental implants are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and our clinic, provided that the oral health conditions and six-month patient compliance are met.

The cost of dental implants starts at 350 € per implant and placement is done with a simple, painless and invasive jaw surgery lasting from a few minutes (1-2 implants) to 30-35 minutes (4-6 tooth implants).

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